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This iconic property in the flourishing Lockyer Valley, Las Piedras (Spanish "The Stones" - named for its rocky and hardy terrain) is Australia's oldest pecan orchard. 


Planted and extablished in 1965 by the late Dean Stahmann, the 80 acre orchard boasts 2200 pecan trees.

In 2007, Stahmanns underwent a rigorous conversion to organic practices and became ACO certified in 2010, when the property was purchased by the Huston family.


Originally the orchard was simply harvested and the products were shipped down to Moree for sorting, cleaning, drying and then shipped back to Toowoomba for processing.

Moncherio harvester 2.jpg

In 2017 the Huston family expanded the farm, building a factory which moved cleaning, drying, processing, and packing processes on site. These expansions have allowed the farm to wholesale directly as Certified Organic.


Management of the orchard and processing facility as ACO certified has been an enormous task under strict ACO and HACCP guidelines to ensure the highest quality pecans and organic standards for consumers.

The use of beneficial microbial brews which are folia sprayed onto the trees along with Australian Certified Inputs boost the natural organic biodiversity and health of the orchard.

The Huston family has also introduced a flock of 150 sheep to graze on the orchard at select times through the year to increase nitrogen levels and improve soil biodiversity.

All of these sustainable organic management practices are just part of a recipe that now produces Australia's finest pecans!

The implementation of sustainable, organic farming practices minimize harm to the environment, conserves water, promotes innovation, and creates the perfect environment for the trees to thrive in Australian conditions.

These conditions lead to the development of superior pecan products, providing a year-round supply of fresh, high-quality ACO organic pecans to consumers.

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